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Computer Science

From the basics of coding to advanced techniques, we offer students the opportunity to grow their skills as a developer.



Learn how to utilize design thinking and creativity to build your way into a brighter future.


Biomedical Science

To be announced.

Our Pillars of Education



Transformational leadership is critical to the growth of women in the tech industry. This leadership approach causes change in individuals and social systems. We hope these young girls are able to gain self-determination, critical thinking skills, self-management, adaptability and responsibility. With these traits, they will be able to create valuable and positive change as they grow from followers into leaders.


Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are those who use innovative approaches to social problems. The digital revolution has connected billions of people to the internet and paved the way for top tech solutions that have transformed countless lives. Understanding technology and how it has integrated into society to solve social problems will change the landscape for girls entering the tech industry.  


Career Readiness

Through attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies, girls will be prepared for a successful transition into the workspace. They will learn soft skills including critical thinking, oral and written communication, teamwork, professionalism and global fluency.


Financial Literacy

Understanding the basics of financial literacy is imperative for continued growth. Financial literacy will give our students a set of skills and knowledge to allow them to make informed and effective decisions with their financial resources. They will have the opportunity to improve their economical advantage through technology. 



Etiquette is imperative to the development of strong Black women entering the tech ecosystem. Etiquette will teach them how to talk, walk and interact in the tech space with superiors, parents, fellow workers. We're dedicated to creating strong leader that will be able to hold their position with integrity and grace.

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